PV-ezTracker M2

Linked Horizontal Single-axis Tracking System


Clenergy PV-ezTracker M2 solar tracking system developed by Clenergy provides the next-generation tracking solution via “linear actuator+clutch slip devices”. It can automatically track the Sun based on the “astronomical algorithm +closed loop control” and ultimately increase the power generation by 20%, compared to the fixed-tilt system. Furthermore, the overall PV tracking system lowers the levelized cost of energy (LCOE), achieving a much higher yield.


Key Benefits

High Power Capacity

More panels per unit to increase land use capacity


High Installation Efficiency

No welding or other heavy equipments needed on site, greatly increasing the installation efficiency and making installation extra convenient


High Reliability and Performance

Innovating self-calibrate system allows each row to work independently, achieving ±1° tracking accuracy, thus increasing power generation


Routine Maintenance Free

Self lubricating bearing and full sealing gear assembly equipped to accommodate outdoor environment, making it 25 years maintenance free



PV-ezTracker M2