SPS30/SPS35 Three-Phase String Inverter

Clenergy SPS30/SPS35 string inverters are designed for a three-phase power grid connection.
The inverters use new silicon carbide power device and two-level topology to deliver maximum
efficiency of 98.5%. Each inverter provides up to two Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
and is suitable for long-term outdoor or other environment applications. The SPS30/SPS35 can
be effectively used for rooftop, hillside, and ground-level photovoltaic power plants.


Key Benefits

◆ High efficiency of up to 98.5%
◆ Use new type silicon carbide power device to improve performance and efficiency
◆ Double MPPT to improve generation capacity of PV cells
◆ Double CPU control system to improve inverter reliability
◆ Comprehensive protection function
◆ Integrating string current monitoring function and configuring standard DC input switch
◆ Standard Type II surge arrester
◆ Protection degree IP65


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