Commercial Solar Power Distribution Plant



The Clenergy Engineering Company has vast professional experience in developing commercial solar power distribution plants that feature low operating costs, low risks, and short investment recovery periods.


By making good use of idle rooftops to realize added value, Clenergy help partners increase energy efficiency, reduce consumption cost, and thereby win economic and social benefits for both parties.


  • Reliability

All power plant components are designed to be typhoon-resistant, which ensures the safety of rooftop installation, and the realization of no less than 25 years of system operation.


  • First-Class Operation & Maintenance

Scientific O&M mechanisms, smart remote monitoring systems and regional maintenance centres all help to cut labor costs, minimize human intervention, and assure timely maintenance of systems.


  • Strong Economic Strength

Beyond its vibrant economic health, Clenergy Engineering Company enjoys good credit relations with financial institutions, and co-invests in viable domestic and foreign projects with equally well-funded partners.


  • Capable Partners

Growing beyond our high-quality solar mounting systems, Clenergy expanded its industry chain by building strong partnerships with outstanding enterprises to develop EPC businesses.