Residential Solar Power System




Clenergy residential solar power systems come as integrated suites of ancilliary components that include solar modules, inverters, combiner boxes, smart monitoring systems, and mounting systems. The optimized configuration assures not juststable preformance, but also high efficiencies.


Residential systems installed on idle rooftops create small-scale yet high-value clean energy power stations. No additional land costs are incurred. Roof heat insulation is improved, and significant savings on electricity bills is realized. In addition, profits can be made by selling unused electricity back to the grid (as subsidized by the government).



  1. User obtains added self-sufficiency in electric power, and is able to sell surplus electricity to the network. Selling unused electricity provides anannual yield of over 15%, more profitable than financing products and typical bank interest.
  2. It is adaptable to a variety of roofing surfaces and shapes. Whether the roof is tin or concrete, flat or sloping, Clenergy’s systems are easily installed.
  3. It is also suitable for courtyard installations.
  4. It is not hampered by resource distribution or geographical restrictions. Short construction periods, made possible by simple mounting & dismounting processes, allow the system to be flexibily repositioned or relocated.
  5.  Over its 25-year service life, its maintenance costs are quite low, which  presents excellent long-term value to the client.
  6. It is safe, clean, quiet, renewable, and economical.


Clenergy provides diversified services for customers

  1. Brand Support: Clenergy enjoys a high brand awareness in its 10 successful years in the industry.
  2. Technical Support: Clenergy has a group of professional engineers, who can provide face-to-face training in solar techonology.
  3. Engineering Support: Clenergy’s  engineering team customizes solutions for client projects, based on the location and  specific requirements of customers. Our comprehensive services include design, budget formulation, return analysis, and construction guides, among others.
  4. After-Sales Support: Clenergy systems carry a 5-year guarantee, as standard. Additional warranty services are also available.
  5. Marketing Support: Clenergy provide supporting marketing services, to aid partners in improving their visibility. We also offer sales & marketing training to boost our partners’ development of strong distribution channels.