Product Manager (Energy Storage)

Position: Product Manager (Energy Storage)

Report to: Sales Director of International Sales Department

Location: Germany


General Description:

Take the leading technical support for Clenergy European markets operation (mainly Germany, Austria, UK and France); responsible for promoting Clenergy energy storage products, solutions and services to European markets. Manage the products offered to the local market, assist the sales staff in acquiring new customers and manage the relationships and maintenance of Key clients in Europe. Responsible for the product life cycle management, sales support and operational support. Work with marketing, Finance, Technical and support staff to achieve the company targets.



  1. Investigate and analyze the demand for energy storage products in the European market (mainly Germany, Austria, UK and France), determine the development direction of residential energy storage products, and participate in product conceptual design.
  2. Carry out market research and competitor analysis in key countries (mainly Germany, Austria, UK, and France), providing regular reports.
  3. Responsible for end-to-end management of product development (life cycle management from requirements to launch to delisting).
  4. Sort out customer needs, feedback to HQ, propose solutions to customer needs and optimize products.
  5. Propose product promotion plan and implementation of energy storage products in the European market (mainly Germany, Austria, UK, and France).
  6. Support to prepare product marketing and technical collateral
  7. Participate in evaluating the technical capabilities of OEM/ODM manufacturers
  8. Set up training plan for customers and provide training to customers


Required Qualifications, Experience and Skills

  1. Bachelor degree or above.
  2. Have detailed research and understanding of various energy storage technologies for European market, understand technical specifications and industry standards, and be familiar with new product development processes.
  3. Fluent English, with second foreign language skills such as French, German or Chinese are preferred.
  4. With more than 3 years of work experience in photovoltaic solar/energy storage related, good demand analysis ability, product development and planning experience, and analysis ability of competitors and products; leading at least 1 product development, technical background of lithium battery products is preferred.
  5. Clear logic, good at coordination and communication, full of team spirit.
  6. Adapt to a diversified and international working environment, be proactive, responsible, strong in execution, and strong in pressure resistance.

Compensation and Benefits:

Clenergy offers a competitive salary plus fully comprehensive benefits and performance incentive package based on an annual objective achievement. This is a full-time position.

If this describes you and you want to work for a company that delivers quality products, innovation and exemplary service to its partners then please apply now by submitting your English CV at [email protected] or [email protected] 

Deadline for Resumes: 31 July 2024

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