Be a world-class pioneering technology enterprise, leading towards a globally sustainable future.


Be a technology enabler for governments, the public sector & enterprises seeking carbon neutrality.

We believe in a sustainable, clean energy-powered future.

We continue to reinvent our approach, innovate through our technology and service to reach this mission.

“With its genesis in Australia and foot print across the world, Clenergy has grown from being a boutique solar solutions provider into a passionate, globally renowned renewable energy company with nearly 500 employees and 6 offices around 3 continents” Daniel Hong, CEO.

Rebrand of Clenergy & Subbrands
Reflection of our New Trajectory

Clenergy has grown immensely in the last year. We work more and more with our stakeholders globally, have exclusive partnerships with distributors in more countries & states than before, and lately, we have expanded our portfolio of products & services.

The role of Clenergy is to be that enabler, the mechanical & technology enabler for governments, the public sector & enterprises seeking carbon neutrality. With all growth and extensive plans for now and the future, we wanted to give everyone a tweaked look, feel and user experience that articulates this continued premium quality.

Today, you all get to witness the new Clenergy brand.

What does the Industry need?
Save Time | Work with Pride | Collaborate

Clenergy provides responses to nationwide business opportunities globally, further enhancing our overall reach and industry competitiveness.

We engage with local technical, logistics, engineering, service, sales & marketing divisions in developing turnkey solar mounting solutions for residential, commercial or utility scale purposes.

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