Daniel Hong

Chairman of Board

Daniel Hong is Clenergy’s Chief Executive Officer, leading the company as it builds a platform that empowers the renewables industry around the world. He holds an EMBA from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and a Master of Engineering in Telecommunications from Swinburne University of Technology (Australia). Additionally, Daniel is a veteran of more than 20 years in project and corporate management.

Daniel’s leadership experience includes growing consumer technology companies and scaling global marketplaces. He is an innovative entrepreneur, who cofounded Clenergy in 2007 with another two founders. He gained his stripes over the years working with world-renowned companies such as Read, Auscom, NEC Australia, and IBM, where he championed different roles, including Chief Representative, Chief Consultant etc.

Daniel has a deep commitment to the community and corporate social responsibility. He sets a culture of giving back to our industry. He is our charismatic & progressive leader, and thrives on growing our brand.

Yunxiang Li

Board Director

Yunxiang Li holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He joined the Board in 2020, representing Jinyuan Group, which is our 2nd largest shareholder and strategic partner.

Prior to joining Clenergy, Mr. Li worked for Xiamen Port Holding Group Co., Ltd and Xiamen Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. He currently also holds the position of Vice General Manager at Xiamen Financial Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Amy Fang

Board Director

Amy Fang holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Xiamen University and is a certified accountant. Amy currently serves as our Finance Director. She started her Clenergised career in March 2017, serving as the Assistant of our General Manager. She was appointed CFO and Director of the Board in September 2017. She’s responsible for overseeing our global financial operations.

Prior to joining Clenegy, Amy Fang served for seven years at Agricultural Bank of China Limited (Xiamen Branch), where she held different positions, including Assistant to the General Manager and Vice General Manager of the Planning, Finance, and Accounting Department, and General Manager of the Business Management Department. She is resident expert at managing corporate revenues, assets, and investment.

William Cao

Board Director

William Cao holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He currently assumes the role of Vice President at Clenergy, joining the Board in 2020.

Prior to joining Clenergy, Mr. Cao served as the Marketing Director at Linuo PV High Technology Co., Ltd., Director of the Investment and Development Center and Vice Director of the Market Development Center at CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., and Vice General Manager and Head of the Overseas Business Division at Qingdao New Energy Solutions Inc. (NESI).

Zongliu Liu

Board Director

Zongliu Liu currently serves as an Independent Director, joining the Board in December of 2017. He currently also holds a number of positions in other companies, including President of Xiamen Accounting Association, Independent Director at Chengtun Mining Group Co. Ltd., Shantou Wanshun Package Material Stock Co., Ltd., and Yunnan Energy International Co. Limited, Executive Director and General Manager at Xiamen Shengquan Investment Management Company Limited, Director at Shenzhen YUTO Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., Executive Director at Xiamen Zhen Quan Trade & Business Company Limited, part-time Professor and Master Tutor at MPAcc (Master of Professional Accounting) Center, Xiamen University, and Guest Professor at Jimei University.

Zongliu Liu was previously appointed as the President of Xiamen Zhongzhi Accounting Association. He assumed various roles when working for Xiamen Tobacco Industrial Co., Ltd., ranging from Vice Factory Manager, Vice General Manager, Chief Accountant to Investigator.

Guo Dong

Board Director

Dong Guo currently serves as an Independent Director, joining the Board in December of 2017. He is also a partner of Tibet Flow of Capital Management Company Limited.

Previously Dong was a Researcher at Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) and General Manager at Da Cheng International Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Chunhao Jia

Board Director

Chunhao Jia holds a Master’s Degree in Finance. He joined the Board in 2021.

Prior to joining Clenergy, Mr. Jia worked as the Business Director of the Investment Banking Division at Huatai United Securities Co., Ltd. and Investment Director at Huatai Ruilian Fund Management Co., Ltd. He currently also holds the position of Director at Jiangsu Xinyang New Material Co., Ltd. and Investment Director at Firstred Capital.

Melissa Wang

Secretary to the Board of Directors

Melissa Wang holds a Bachelor’s degree in Laws from East China University of Political Science and Law, and a Master’s degree in Laws from University of Amsterdam. Melissa provides international strategic advising, compliance and public company reporting. She oversees the Legal and policy team.

Melissa Wang joined Clenergy in May 2018, serving as the Legal Director. She was appointed the Secretary of Board of Directors in January 2020. Prior to joining Clenergy, Melissa Wang worked for Grandway Law Offices (Beijing), CGN Solar Energy Development, and Sinvo Capital Holding.