Clenergised Global Team

The mavericks that work at Clenergy all share the same vision and values. We’re motivated by constantly innovating, seeking excellence through quality, and believing that service to colleagues and our clients is paramount.

Clenergy_Daniel Hong_CEO
Daniel Hong

Chief Executive Officer

Clenergy Vice General Manager Ming Wang
Ming Wang

Vice General Manager

Clenergy Amy Fand CFO
Amy Fang

Chief Financial Officer

Clenergy_Vince Mobilio_VP Global PV Distribution
Vince Mobilio

VP Global PV Distribution

Grace Zhuo

Sales Director

Clenergy William Cao Vice General Manager Tracker Business Division
William Cao

VP China PV Sales and Renewable Power Investment

Clenergy Melissa Wang Legal Director
Melissa Wang

Legal Director

Kelly Guo

Sales Manager

Clenergy Kee Neoh Global IT Manager
Kee Neoh M. IT

Global IT Manager

Samir Jacob Clenergy
Samir Jacob MBA

Global Marketing Manager

Stella Yu

Busines Development Manager

Janet Zheng

Busines Development Manager

Susie Chen

Busines Development Manager

Kellen Zeng

Busines Development Manager

Jenny He

Busines Development Manager

Aylin Yu

Busines Development Manager