Clenergy PVezRack Product Catalogue Portuguese

Last Updated – Mar. 2022Catlogo de produtosVerso 3.0ltima Atualizao – agosto 20232ContedoMarcos histricosSolarRoofFilme FinoSolarTripodSolarTripod LiteSolarBaseC o mTComT 2.0SolarTerrace II-ASolarTerrace III-ASolarTerrace VPostMount 1-A, 2-A, 3-A, 4-APostMount 6-A, 8-A, 52-A, 53-APostMount 1-A, […]

SolarRoof Pro2 Brochure

SolarRoof Pro 2.0Quick and Flexible Roof Mounting SystemLast Updated – Mar. 2023Technical DetailsModule OrientationLandscape or PortraitPV Module FramedWind Load: CustomisedSnow Load: CustomisedRoof Type Tile RoofTilt Angle 0, parallel to roof […]

SolarRoof Aeri Rail Solution Brochure

SolarRoofAeri Rail SolutionRobust Solution for PV Installation on Pitched RoofsSolarRoof Aeri Rail SolutionMain BenefitsTechnical DetailsQuick and Easy InstallationInnovative Aeri Omega Moudle is used in this solution. It provide easy and […]

Non-Penetrative Clamps with Roofs Datasheet (Thailand)

Last Updated – Dec. 2021Non-Penetrative Clampswith Roofs1Non-Penetrative Clamps with RoofsKlip-lok InterfacesKlip Lok Interface Dimensions (mm) Types of RoofingER-I-13-THKlip-lok Interface for Hidden 26ER-I-16-THKlip-lok Interface for standing seam 22ER-I-18-THKlip-lok Interface for Standing […]

SolarRoof ECO Rail System Brochure (Thailand)

Main BenefitsQuick and Easy InstallationVersatile Klip-lok InterfaceItemPart NumberDescriptionTorque (Nm.)1ER-EC-ST35PV-ezRack End Clamp, Standard 35mmM8: 16-20 Nm.2ER-IC-ST35/U18PV-ezRack Module Inter Clamp, Standard, for Frame Height 32-35mm with 18mm U-shape profileM8: 16-20 Nm.3ER-SP-ECO/150PV-ezRack Splice […]