Global Projects

“Clenergy invests with strategic partners and industry participants in solar, wind and other clean energies at home and abroad. Clenergy & Leitu Energy Company Ltd and West China Clenergy Energy Company Ltd were set up as joint ventures to promote solar power station development and clean energy investments in China.

Clenergy Global Projects GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary based out of Hamburg, Germany, permits prompt responses to global business opportunities, further enhancing our overall reach and international competitiveness. This subsidiary engages in developing turnkey solar projects for investment purposes. Recently having commissioned our project in Ganzlin, which is now the Obton Solar Farm and our next upcoming project in Australia – The Metz project.”

Project reference

Ground Mount 12.3MW
Solar Tracker 16.8MW
Solar Tracker 11MW
Solar Tracker 35MW
Solar Tracker 37.5MW
Solar Tracker 1.4MW
Ground-mount 100MW
Rooftop 35MW