BePOSITIV 2023 – Lyon

Vecto Energy and Clenergy were at the BePOSITIVE 21 > 23 March 2023 – Salon in Lyon to showcase jeri – Portable Power and PVezRack! Mrs. LU Qingjiang, Consul General […]

Ascent Installations

Check out images using the Clenergy Ascent Low Ballast Tilt Mounting System for PV Installation on Flat Roofs. Available in both tilt angles of 10° and 15°.

Clenergy 2021 Annual Conference

Its January 2021, and typically at this time, our global teams would converge at our Xiamen, China office to collaborate at our #AnnualConference. Teams from #Australia, #Singapore, #Japan, #Germany, #Thailand, #SouthKorea and the #Philippines would share ideas and work on […]

Commercial Tilt

Check out images from GB Electrical & Solar and RACV Solar using the Clenergy Commercial Tilt system. Available Tilt Angles – 5°, 10° & 15°