Solar PPM & PACO Thailand 1.7MW

Exciting news to see a 1.7MW commercial rooftop solar system installed by Solar PPM – ผู้นำด้านระบบไฟฟ้าจากแสงอาทิตย์ featuring Clenergy solar mounting solutions at President Automobile Industries. Thanks, Solar PPM, for recommending PV-ezRack […]

Solar Tracker Projects

Clenergy EzTracker horizontal single-axis solar tracking systems feature adaptability to versatile terrains, exceptional stability, high reliability, and modular design for easy maintenance. EzTracker solar tracking systems deliver an ideal solution […]

Clenergy 2021 Annual Conference

Its January 2021, and typically at this time, our global teams would converge at our Xiamen, China office to collaborate at our #AnnualConference. Teams from #Australia, #Singapore, #Japan, #Germany, #Thailand, #SouthKorea and the #Philippines would share ideas and work on […]