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Clenergy prides itself of being an innovator within the renewable energy industry. We periodically conduct stakeholder research programs which take field intelligence to our research & development teams who later create the solutions of tomorrow. Today we are the number one supplier of solar racking equipment across the biggest solar market in the world, Australia and other parts of APAC. As a mega brand in the renewables industry, and through the next ten years we envision a more diverse portfolio of product divisions to bring even more solutions to our existing client base creating a concrete platform to take the company to greater heights.

We have shipped over 12GW’s of solar racking in the last 10 years, through our seven offices across APAC, Australia & Europe, and we continue to expand our distributor base and global installation footprint. Clenergy’s mission is to become the leading provider of solar racking across all markets and broaden the availability of clean, renewable solar energy to the masses.

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