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Clenergy and BSH, a Bosch-Siemens JV, Celebrate Successful COD of 33.5 MW Project, Set to Reduce 20,000+ Tons of Carbon Emissions

Thursday May 9, 2024 at 11:46 am

XIAMEN, 19 April 2024 – Clenergy, a global leader in the renewable energy industry, proudly announces the successful COD (Commercial Operation Date) ceremony for the second phase of the 33.5 MW power plant project with BSH Home Appliances (BSH) at the Chuzhou Home Appliances Park. BSH, a joint venture of Robert Bosch GmbH (Stuttgart) and Siemens AG (Munich), is wholly owned by the Bosch Group.

This momentous event not only marks the successful grid connection of the project but also highlights the mutually beneficial cooperation between two organisations committed to advocating for green energy.

Project Highlights

Developed by Clenergy Renewable Power, a subsidiary of Clenergy, and constructed by Clenergy Energy Engineering, the project stands as China’s largest single-distributed rooftop photovoltaic power station within the home appliance industry. Each phase of the project, from drone surveys enhancing design accuracy to the implementation of smart photovoltaics + digital energy technology, reflects our dedication to advancing PV power plant technology and ensuring top-notch quality.

The project’s innovative “smart photovoltaics + digital energy” solution seamlessly integrates green power generation and efficient power consumption through a visualised, controllable, and optimised digital energy management system. The system is projected to generate up to 33.89 million kWh of green electricity annually, contributing to an estimated annual reduction of over 20,000 tons of carbon emissions.

Sustainable Partnership

BSH has long been dedicated to sustainable development, integrating environmental protection principles throughout its value chain. Partnering with Clenergy, a leader in photovoltaic technology and engineering services, BSH has realised its vision of injecting green power into its production and operations. This collaborative project significantly reduces carbon footprint, enhancing the environmental value of BSH’s products.

“Sustainable development is a key strategy for BSH, with ongoing increases in investment. Notably, this project represents the largest distributed photovoltaic endeavour within BSH and even the broader Bosch Group. It is anticipated to play a significant role in advancing BSH and the Bosch Group’s objective of attaining 100% green electricity coverage by 2030,” said Linbing Song, President of BSH.

Daniel Hong, CEO of Clenergy, added, “The successful grid connection of this power plant represents not only another successful implementation of Clenergy’s fully digitalised and smart photovoltaic power plant but also a significant achievement in our collaboration with BSH towards sustainable development. We eagerly anticipate a future where green energy and eco-friendly home appliances become ubiquitous in households worldwide.”

Team Effort

Behind the scenes of this project’s successful delivery lies a collaborative effort between BSH’s and Clenergy’s Chuzhou and Nanjing project teams. The dedication of every member from both parties has been crucial in ensuring the successful execution of the project with exceptional quality.

As a pledge to green development, a tree-planting ceremony was held, symbolising the dedication of both Clenergy and BSH to a sustainable future.

Advancing Green Solutions Together

The completion of the 33.5 MW photovoltaic power plant is not the end but a new beginning for Clenergy and BSH. It signals a deeper commitment to green cooperation and propels the home appliance industry towards a sustainable future.

Clenergy remains committed to advancing green energy and eagerly seeks collaboration with organisations sharing our environmentally conscious vision. Aligned with our mission to be a leading technology enabler for governments, the public sector, and enterprises striving for carbon neutrality, Clenergy is poised to drive meaningful change toward a sustainable future.

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