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Clenergy and JJ-LAPP

Clenergy and JJ-Lapp Solar ‘Powering’ Towards a Brighter, Sustainable Future in Malaysia

Wednesday May 19, 2021 at 8:14 pm

[3 May 2021], KUALA LUMPUR – Clenergy, a globally renowned solar mounting gear provider, and JJ-LAPP, the cable technology joint venture of diversified industrial conglomerate Jebsen & Jessen and LAPP Holding Asia, announced their partnership today. The partnership is in line with achieving Malaysia’s target to generate 20% of energy consumption from renewable sources by 2025, expecting it to unlock RM 4 billion in investment and create an estimated 12,000 new jobs. It also aims to drive Malaysia’s growing solar energy industry further and support the country by bringing Malaysia to the forefront of sustainable projects.

Engineering, construction, and procurement companies not only in Malaysia, but within the larger region including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines will now have access to Clenergy’s entire portfolio through JJ-LAPP’s network in South East Asia .

Commenting on this partnership, Daniel Hong, Chief Executive Officer, Clenergy, said, “We are excited to be partnering with a leading brand like JJ-LAPP. With their network, we aim to bring the latest technology in the sector to local projects in Malaysia and the entire region, at large. This partnership will strengthen the solar industry offerings in Malaysia and SEA region, and will enable the industry players to benefit from the quality and technical superiority that we have to offer. This is in line with the Malaysian government’s efforts to further drive the solar industry, having allocated RM2 billion towards the Green Technology Financial Scheme as part of their Sustainable Development Goals in Budget 2021”.

Daniel Hong CEO at Clenergy

This partnership between Clenergy, a globally renowned renewable energy company, and JJ-LAPP the leading cable and connectivity solutions provider in ASEAN will create new opportunities for Malaysia that aligns with the government’s deep investments to promote renewable energy (RE) as an alternative source of energy. This is in hope to promote industry participation in green technology as the use of RE has not just been proven to be beneficial to the environment but has also been seen as a driving factor in aiding the economy’s development, which can be seen from the global shift of large investments towards renewables particularly with solar power in Asia.

Adding to it Mike Winzerling, Regional Managing Director, JJ-LAPP, said, “We are glad to be partnering with Clenergy. The synergy of Clenergy’s long standing experience in the solar energy space backed by the strength of our network and reach within ASEAN will make sustainable energy practices more accessible, and drive the industry forward within Malaysia and the region. This is an exciting time for us as we continue to pursue growth opportunities while developing the solid foundation that we’ve built throughout the region.”.

Mike Winzerling CEO at JJ-LAPP

Malaysia has one of the lowest electricity prices in the world. This is a significant achievement, but it has somewhere slowed down the acceleration towards the adoption of solar energy in the country resulting in Malaysia being comparatively slower in deploying solar and other renewable power sources compared to some other countries across the globe. The new partnership between Clenergy and JJ-LAPP can help in making renewable energy more accessible to businesses and consumers in Malaysia.

This partnership comes at a time when the industry’s confidence in investing in renewable energy resources is strengthening. Additionally, government initiatives such as the Net Energy Metering (NEM) scheme have also encouraged more companies to explore sustainable renewable energy practices. The NEM scheme targets the boost of solar and renewable power generation in the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector as the scheme enables its adopters to reduce operational costs tremendously through electricity savings. This is of more importance during these trying times, as a recent survey by audit firm Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) showed that 71% of Malaysian businesses attempted to reduce operating expenses to survive pandemic challenges.

This partnership is a milestone towards a brighter future for the solar industry that will aid Malaysia in achieving its sustainability goals in becoming a greener country.           

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About Clenergy (
Clenergy is a high-tech Sino-Australian founded enterprise in the global solar PV industry. We specialize in the development, manufacturing, and engineering of solar mounting gear for your next renewable energy site. With its genesis in Australia and footprint across the world, Clenergy has grown from being a boutique solar solutions provider into a passionate, globally renowned renewable energy company with nearly 500 employees and 7 offices around 3 continents.

About JJ-LAPP (
JJ-LAPP was founded as a joint venture between Jebsen & Jessen and LAPP Holding Asia, a subsidiary of LAPP Group in Germany, to become the leading cable and connectivity solutions provider in ASEAN. We bring value to our customers by localising German innovation, manufacturing our high-quality products in Indonesia, and complementing this with a suite of products sourced from world-renowned brands. This enables us to provide a wide range of solutions that maximises return on investment for our customers. Serving across the ASEAN, our team is committed to building trust-based partnerships with our customers and helping them achieve the business success they desire. We are proud to have served the Building Automation, Industrial Automation, Renewable Energy, Original Equipment Manufacturer, Transportation, and Automotive sectors with cable and connectivity solutions since 1980.

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