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Clenergy Announces Strategic Distribution Partnership with GEMINOX

Tuesday April 26, 2022 at 3:41 pm

Clenergy has recently entered into a strategic distribution partnership with GEMINOX SRL (hereafter referred to as GEMINOX).

GEMINOX is a solar energy company that is dedicated to providing a complete set of photovoltaic systems for companies nationwide, which include but are not limited to solar panels, inverters, cables, and mounting structures. As of 2022, GEMINOX has established official distribution partnerships with other world-class enterprises including Risen Energy and Huawei.  The latest partnership with Clenergy will enable GEMINOX to broaden its current product portfolio.

As per the terms in the agreement, GEMINOX is authorized to sell Clenergy’s flagship product line PVezRack® and its newly unveiled RUNNUR sub-brand within Romania through its distribution networks. This covers a wide variety of PVezRack® subcategories ranging from SolarRoof, SolarTerrace, EzTracker™, Clenergy Hollywood to Post Mount, the RUNNUR cable management solutions, and other related accessories.

Under the agreement, Clenergy and GEMINOX will join forces to scale up the adoption of solar PV in Romania, where there are enormous cooperative opportunities.

Romania is a European country with huge solar potential thanks to its favourable geological conditions. This state has seen steady growth in solar PV installations over the past decade, with its cumulative installed capacity standing at 1.398 GW last year.

Solar PV Installation Capacity in Romania by 2021

Figure from Irena Statistics

Renewable energies are also gaining momentum in Romania. The local government has announced its ambitious plan to increase about 7 GW of renewables by 2030, of which solar energy accounts for approximately 3.7 GW.  Other supportive government policies are anticipated to further boost the local solar market, including the Energy Efficient House Program and Contract for Difference scheme (CfD).

As an established world-leading manufacturer and provider of versatile solar mounting systems and solutions in the solar industry, Clenergy has been strengthening its presence across the globe. Thus far, we have built long-lasting relationships with numerous premium brands in the field of distribution owing to our solid reputation, such as JJ-LAPP, KVC, Genesis, Greentech,  just to name a few. Check out more global distributors.

Daniel Hong, CEO at Clenergy, stated: “The distribution business is one of our strategic plans for continuous growth, making our renewable products and solutions accessible to more stakeholders. We are thrilled to have another distributor, expanding our operations across Europe. This is also another significant step towards delivering on our Mission. We hope this partnership will help to accelerate the deployment of more highly efficient and affordable solar energy in Romania, aligning with the local government’s target to achieve 30.7% of renewable generation by 2030, with less dependence on traditional energy sources.”

Jake Liu, CEO at GEMINOX, commented: “We feel privileged to collaborate with Clenergy, a globally renowned renewable energy company with cutting-edge technologies, superior products, and unparalleled services. It is great to partner with like-minded PV players that have a shared vision of a sustainable, decarbonized future. With Clenergy’s extensive experience, coupled with GEMINOX’s diversified product lines, I look forward to starting a new chapter in the coming decade, contributing more to the renewable energy sector in Romania.”

Check out the full Authorized Distributor CertificateCertificate.

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