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Clenergy Mengyin Solar PV Poverty Alleviation Project Kick off Ceremony

Clenergy Cooperates with Mengyin County Government to Launch PV Poverty Alleviation Project

Tuesday January 13, 2015 at 10:30 pm

Behind every improvement in the situation of poverty there is goodwill from a person or from a group of people. A new solar PV project co-supported by Clenergy for poverty alleviation recently held a kick off ceremony in Mengyin County, Shandong. The project was launched by Mengyin County Government and supported by Clenergy and Yingda, a Shandong-based renewable energy company. Clenergy has donated its PV-ezRack mounting system to the project as well as provided free consultation to help with construction. Together with Yingda, Clenegy also donated extra funds for this worthy cause with the goal to improve citizens’ life in need. As a sustainable poverty relief program, the electricity the system will produce will be sold to the state grid and the income through that will be utilized to boost the local economy by the Mengyin County Government.

Menyin County officials had been searching for a sustainable, efficient, and reliable ways to alleviate poverty. PV stations benefit the county and its finances because they are green, safe, easy to operate and can generate stable profits. This project is part of a trend towards tackling poverty via green revenue-generating programs, which reflects Clenergy’s active long term contribution to sustainable humanitarian aid.

With a total investment of six million yuan, the project is expected to include five 100-KW distributed PV power generation systems in the villages of Baoshiyu, Changming, Dashansi, Fenghuangyu, and Guquan. With a total capacity of 500 kW, the PV system will produce over 600,000 kWh of electricity annually, an equivalent of electricity through burning 200 tons of standard coal. Calculated at a feed-in tariff of one yuan per kWh, the annual return of the project will reach 600,000 yuan. Such revenue can be used for poverty relief and economical development in poor regions.

These PV stations will not only bring hope to poor local residents but will also help the PV industry to enter the rural markets in China. Given the way in which this program directly benefits local residents, 30 low-income counties in six provinces are currently exploring similar projects. According to Mr. Shang, PV poverty alleviation programs will accelerate the growth of distributed PV and will improve development and consumption patterns in rural areas.

With a strong commitment to social responsibility, Clenergy will further develop similar PV projects in order to contribute to local economy and to job creation. It will also continue to invest in programs which improve the lives of citizens in need.