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Clenergy Staff Holding a Box Full of Surgical Masks to be Donated in 2020

Clenergy Donates Surgical Masks to Support the Solar PV Sector

Wednesday May 13, 2020 at 5:00 pm

As the public health crisis triggers outbreaks, across the globe, our hearts go out to all those impacted. We at Clenergy are concerned about the safety and well-being and are here to offer ongoing support of all valued partners and clients across regions, that have enabled Clenergy to become what it is today.

We received notice that some of our partners received exorbitant prices or lack of supply for safety gear like facial masks, hence with our supplier connections, Clenergy took action by organizing global sourcing and redistribution efforts.

We organised masks from reliable suppliers and shipped them to Australia, Japan, Thailand, and other Asia Pacific regions where Clenergy operates. We advised our network, if they needed it, to reach out to us.

Take Japan for example. To date, we have distributed approximately 13,000 surgical masks to local partners and clients. Some of them have recently called or emailed us, informing us that they are thankful, doing well and that they will push ahead through this difficult time.

We appreciate these Clenergy-donated protective masks at this time when our onsite workers are at greater risk of being infected. These valuable items shield our workers from infection while allowing smooth on-site operations to continue– Clenergy Client, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

We are immensely grateful to Clenergy for these precious surgical masks during this grim situation. This is encouraging. We will put the items to the best use by distributing them to employees and their family members who are short of facial masks. We hope that both our companies continue to support each other and excel within the solar industry–Clenergy Client, Tokyo, Japan

From the bottom of our hearts, I appreciate what Clenergy has done for us and our customers. Fortunately, all our people are fine and we keep continuing our daily tasks with remote working the masks will and have added us in being able to venture outside for essentials tasks. Thanks again for your generosity, and us that your care. – Clenergy Client, Tokyo, Japan

We continue to offer this service free of charge, until our stocks last for partners globally who do have the immediate need. What we care about is the immediate safety of local onsite workers especially performing critical work, who are possibly the most vulnerable to infection.

“We will do our utmost to minimize impacts of the coronavirus and continue to donate more masks to areas where they are most needed. To ensure the safety and health of all partners and clients remains our top priority during this global pandemic crisis,” said Daniel Hong, CEO of Clenergy.

With the ongoing coronavirus situation, we would like to encourage all partners and clients to stay safe, stay calm. Do it for the greater good, respect your local municipality or council guidelines and abide by them to take any necessary precautions.

Recently we made a 12 step program, of what we follow internally at Clenergy. We are happy to share it with you, and feel free to share it with others. The more we can learn from each other, be aware, the better our chances at preventing and containing the spread.

Together, we will be stronger!