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Clenergy Launches Inverter and Power and Electronics Products

Clenergy Launches Its SPS500 Inverter Along with a trio of Power and Electronics Products

Tuesday August 11, 2015 at 10:20 pm

from left to right : SPS1000, IDDBX-D, IRCB, SPS500

Clenergy recently launched several new power electronic products: the SPS500 PV Grid-Connected Central Inverter, the SPS1000 Grid-Connected Central with Container Enclosure, the PV DC Power Distribution Cabinet (IDDBX-D) and an Integrated Re-Combiner Box (IRCB) for the Japanese market.

The Clenergy Power and Electronics team invested more than two years of research and testing in their latest products. By integrating advanced international technologies into its high-quality devices, Clenergy’s R&D team ensures that all its products met or exceed international standards.

The SPS500 Inverter uses non-isolated transformers with a conversion efficiency of up to 98.7%. Maximum power point tracking efficiency can reach 99.9%. With a built-in PR controller, the SPS50 helps generate more power. The Clenergy R&D team invested significant attention to stability and incorporated the most advanced IPM power module. A dual power supply helps to avoid sudden power shut-outs while a dual fan design increases the service life of the cooling system. An 85% de-rating design makes the entire system more stable. The SPS500’s high-efficiency and stability make it stand out among its competitors.

The SPS1000 Central adopts a standard container house design that is simple and robust. It has a powerful output of one megawatt with two internal SPS500 Inverters and room for a DC Power Distribution Cabinet and other customized needs. The cooling system is designed and thoroughly tested to guarantee safe operation. This highly-integrated SPS1000 Central is easy to install and is suitable for large-scale solar projects. Featuring stable and efficient operation, its IP54 protection rating make it suitable for outdoor environments. SPS inverters are currently available for the Chinese market and have earned CQC certification.

The Integrated Re-Combiner Box is designed for the Japanese market. It has earned TUV certification and comes in three models (3-string, 4-string and 5-string) to meet different customer needs.

Clenergy is dedicated to providing advanced electronics products. Clenergy develops all its products in adherence with the principles of Innovation, Quality and Service.