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Clenergy Launches ST Ikon: The Answer to High Labour Costs and Complex Installations

Tuesday June 18, 2024 at 10:17 am

With a dedicated commitment to system efficiency and smart technology integration, Clenergy, the global solar mounting manufacturer, continues its mission to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions. Today, Clenergy proudly introduces the PVezRack® SolarTerrace Ikon (ST Ikon), an innovative ground mounting solution.

ST Ikon, Debuting at Intersolar Europe 2024

“ST Ikon is engineered with several innovative features tailored for commercial and utility-scale projects, says Nathalie Kermelk, Product Director at Clenergy. “Our focus has been on maximising installation efficiency, ensuring durability, and offering flexibility—all crucial aspects in large-scale solar deployments.”

ST Ikon, Clenergy’s New Ground Mounting Solution

The Power of Modular Design
The modular design of ST Ikon, part of Clenergy’s PVezRack line, enhances adaptability to diverse site conditions, streamlining logistics and on-site handling. This is especially beneficial for utility-scale projects, where accommodating various terrains is essential.

Single-Technician Installation for Maximum Efficiency
A standout feature of the ST Ikon system is its ability to be installed by a single technician in either portrait or landscape orientation. The integration of pre-installed positioning clamps simplifies alignment and installation, allowing for rapid assembly with minimal tools. This reduces training time, labour costs, and potential errors. The design also enables quick locking and securing of components, enhancing both installation speed and safety, all achievable by a single installer.

Streamlined Installation for Lower Labour Costs
The ST Ikon system, with its fewer components, reduces on-site labour and complexity, streamlining installation and decreasing project timelines and costs—ideal for high-labour-cost regions like the EU.

Safety-First Design for Long-Term Reliability
The system ensures safety and reliability without compromising simplicity. Each component is designed for durability against environmental stresses, minimising maintenance. This robustness has been critical for utility-scale projects needing cost-effective, secure systems for decades. Its secure locking mechanism enhances safety during installation by reducing accidents. Integrated grounding streamlines installation by eliminating extra grounding components, further enhancing safety.

Structural Flexibility for Diverse Ground Conditions
The versatile design ensures compatibility with various ground conditions and configurations. The components are adaptable to different terrain requirements, which allows for variations in module and terrain inclinations without extensive site modification.

Reducing Carbon Footprints in Solar Projects
The quicker installation process reduces time on site and transportation requirements, which lowers overall emissions. Additionally, the use of recyclable and durable materials in the racks and quicker connection to the grid help reduce the carbon footprint significantly.

Lowering LCOE for Solar Projects
ST Ikon aims to lower the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) for solar projects by focusing on reducing initial capital costs, improving operational efficiency, and minimising maintenance expenses. Its streamlined design facilitates quicker deployment and reduces the need for specialised skills and equipment, thereby lowering upfront investment. Efficient and low-maintenance features ensure consistent energy production, reducing operational costs over time and enhancing overall project economics.

“We are continuously engaging in R&D to improve efficiency, adaptability, and environmental sustainability, including conducting more accurate wind tunnel studies,” says Ms Kermelk. ” We are committed to integrating more advanced technologies and providing innovative and sustainable solutions. Our goal is to support the transition to renewable energy effectively and responsibly.”

Nathalie Kermelk, Product Director, Clenergy


Learn More about ST Ikon for Your Next Solar Project
For more information about ST Ikon and how it can benefit your next solar project, visit the Clenergy website or contact our team at [email protected].


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