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PV-ezRack SolarTerrace I-D with Full Panels

Clenergy Makes a Remarkable Debut in Vietnam Solar Market with a 69MW Order

Friday May 4, 2018 at 1:05 pm

Clenergy recently has secured a big order of Solar Mounting system in Vietnam, totaling 69MW. The project was located in Gia Lai, Vietnam, which is said to be the first large scale ground-mount solar power plant in this country.

According to the natural conditions and construction requirements, Clenergy PV-ezRack SolarTerrace-I was finally selected as the mounting system for this power plant. The hot-dipped galvanizing coating steel of ST-I has excellent anticorrosion. Matched with self-designed rails and interfaces, it is very flexible and easy to handle, saving a lot of manpower, time and cost required for installation.

Relying much on traditional power for a long time– hydro and thermal power, Vietnam is shifting to the cleaner and highly effective source of electricity these year, for relieving electrical shortage and pollution come with growing economy and population. The country was planned to optimize its energy structure by increasing renewable energy to 10.7% of the whole power system in 2030. Vietnam solar market has great potential.

Taking full advantage of the tendency, Clenergy is one of the first solar mounting providers that enter Vietnam market. For ten years since founded, Clenergy has been dedicated to the research and development of solar mounting system. Because of its rich experience and reliable professionalism, Clenergy gains favour among small and middle companies or new entrants in Vietnam solar industry, to whom Clenergy can offer effective technical support.

Prior to this order, Clenergy has installed several small rooftop project in Vietnam, but it is Krong 69 MW project tas a new bench mark that significantly helps Clenergy built the reputation in local market. Clenergy has long set offices in Thailand and Malaysia to development ASEAN business. This order will serve as a new momentum to expand market share in this region.