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Clenergy Technology Park Solar Rooftop Project

Clenergy Reduces Its Carbon Footprint

Thursday December 5, 2013 at 9:58 pm

Clenergy, the global solar solutions provider, recently completed a 207kW solar roof project located on the roof of its global R&D and manufacturing center, Clenergy Technology Park, in Xiamen China.

As  a promoter  of solar  energy, Clenergy  recognizes the  importance of  sustainability. The  company recently  received  the certification  for  the  implementation  of  the  ISO 14001 Environmental Management  System  (EMS). The completion of the solar roof project is further proof of Clenergy’s commitment to sustainable development and the promotion of green power.

Deployed on the rooftop of Workshop Buildings One, Two and Three, the solar system utilizes Clenergy’s PV-ezRack series of roof mount systems, SJB series of string joint boxes and SPS 500 inverters. The solar system provides clean electricity for Clenergy’s production lines and reduces the company’s carbon footprint and utility bills.

“We take  this  project  very  seriously as  a  part  of  a  continual  effort  to  improve  our  green performance,”  said  Clenergy Vice  President  Xiaoming  Wang.  “For  our  partners  and  clients  who  visit the Park, the system is a real-world example of how we deliver as a leading solar solutions provider.”

This flat roof project applies a range of Clenergy’s PV-ezRack systems, including SolarMatrix, SolarMatrix Pro and SolarTripod as well as customized systems. SolarMatrix has a flexible and scalable design while SolarMatrix Pro enables modules installation in a vertically locked position for installation and maintenance. The triangular design of the pre-assembled SolarTripod provides strong and sturdy support  for  solar panels.  Together  with  other  customized  mounting  systems  and Clenergy’s  power electronic products, Clenergy shows its strength in delivering high-quality solar solutions that meet clients’ various needs within the project budget.

As China’s central government continues boosting domestic demand of solar energy, Clenergy sees a large market potential for factory-based solar roof projects. The company concluded  numerous projects in  2013, including a recent 11MW project for Juli  Sling Co., China’s largest rigging and sling manufacturer.