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Monitoring System for the Solar Power Station (SPSMS)

Clenergy Releases its Solar Power Station Monitoring System

Wednesday March 18, 2015 at 11:48 am

Clenergy recently released its Monitoring System for the Solar Power Station (SPSMS), a smart and easy tool that helps customers manage their Clenergy Solar Power Stations at any time and place.

To enable the stable and cost-effective operation and maintenance, SPSMS incorporates multiple essential functions such as: real-time data collecting and storage, alerts via SMS and email, online and off-line monitoring and more. Customers can check generating capacity, profits, historical data, and malfunction messages as well as the operational parameters of any power electronic device at any time via Internet. When offline, data is stored in the LAN server for up to 30 years. Remote real-time monitoring effectively reduces labor costs, makes maintenance smarter and easier.

Clenergy has also established a Solar Power Station O&M Monitoring Center to provide timely technical support and services for power station operators. Cloud data collection is used from our global user pool which allows quick response time and increases efficiency in finding solutions.

While keeping our customers in mind, Clenergy’s Power and Electronics team will continue to expand the SPSMS in order to provide more services and excellent user experience.