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Clenergy Seals Middle Eastern Distribution Partnership with Power n Sun

Friday May 20, 2022 at 4:37 pm

Following the latest partnership with GEMINOX, Clenergy continues its push into the distribution market. We have sealed a strategic distribution agreement with Power & Sun Solar Trading Equipments Trading LLC (hereafter referred to as Power n Sun) in the Middle East, with approximately 60MW of shipments predicted annually. Check out the full authorized distributor certificate here.

Power n Sun is an authorized and official partner of various world-class industry brands globally, such as Longi Solar, JA Solar, Trina Solar, Sungrow, SMA, etc. It is a one-stop solar solution provider engaged in distributing a wide array of products and solutions, which include but are not limited to solar panels, solar inverters, PV mounting systems, solar cables, solar monitoring systems, energy storage systems, etc.

Clenergy is a global leading renewable energy company with an envious industry reputation. We have delivered first-class solutions for 610,000+ rooftop solar projects and 10,000+ solar plants in over 30 regions and countries worldwide, with more than 15 GW of cumulative installed capacity as of 2021.

Based on the terms in the agreement, Power n Sun is authorized to market and sell PVezRack® subcategories including SolarRoof and SolarTerrace, and the RUNNUR cable management solutions in the Middle East based on its existing distribution channels.

About PVezRack® and RUNNUR
PVezRack® is one of the flagship product lines developed by Clenergy in 2009, which has witnessed installations in numerous large-scale commercial, industrial, and residential solar projects across the globe.

RUNNUR is another sub-brand Clenergy officially rolled out earlier this year, a cable management system that boasts robust corrosion resistance. Clenergy RUNNUR provides an ideal solution for managing bulk wires across the PV and other industries, which ensures safety in establishments without compromising on their aesthetic appearance.

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, there are still immense opportunities for the growth of solar PV in the Middle East. Supportive government policies and growing demands for renewables with reduced dependence on less efficient and cost-effective traditional energy sources like fossils are anticipated to boost the market in this region.

Daniel Hong, CEO at Clenergy, regarded this partnership as a huge stride towards broadening our global distribution program: “This agreement signifies win-win collaboration, expanding both of our reach in the Middle East. Thus far, we have established extensive distribution networks across the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Oceania. I believe this encouraging momentum will continue! And I hope more countries in this region can speed up their pace to deploy renewables, achieving their ambitious energy goals as scheduled for a net-zero world.”

L.K Verma, Founder and Managing Director at Power n Sun, commented: “Power n Sun has always selected each and every partner in compliance with the most stringent standards. We choose Clenergy because it gives us the edge over other industry players, mainly considering its rich experience with solar projects, large-scale manufacturing capacity, outstanding R&D capabilities, stable supply chains, rigid QC/QA procedures, and top-notch customer services. We feel delighted to be paired up with Clenergy, a premium brand with global footprints and far-reaching distribution networks.”

Grace Zhuo, Regional Manager of the International Sales Department at Clenergy, emphasized: “It is great to work with progressive brands like Power n Sun. The company has accumulated abundant experience in UAE, which, I believe, can be replicated in neighbouring countries. Clenergy products and solutions have also seen increasing installations in different regions across the Middle East in recent years, such as UAE and Saudi Arabia. Looking into the future, we will join forces with Power n Sun and assign dedicated resources of technological expertise to develop more renewable energy projects with greater ROI for our stakeholders. We will do our utmost to honour the agreement.”

About Clenergy
Clenergy was founded in 2007 in Melbourne, Victoria. A manufacturer and solution provider to the renewables & building industry. We specialize in the development, manufacturing, and engineering of solar mounting & cable management gear for your next project.

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