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Clenergy and Government of Kongtong District 150MW Solar Portfolio Signing Ceremony 01

Clenergy Signs an Agreement on a 150MW Solar Portfolio with Government of Kongtong District

Monday May 31, 2021 at 11:02 am

Daniel Hong, CEO at Clenergy (Fifth from the left) / Xiaolin Zhao, Director of the Kongtong District Government and Deputy Secretary of the Kongtong District Committee (Sixth from the right)

Clenergy has signed an agreement on a 150MW solar portfolio with the local government in Kongtong, a district located in the city of Pingliang, Gansu province, China.

Representatives from Clenergy and government officials from key departments across the Kongtong district attended the signing ceremony.

Signing Ceremony

Clenergy and Government of Kongtong District 150MW Solar Portfolio Signing Ceremony 02
Willam Cao, Vice General Manager of Clenergy (left) | Hui Guo, Deputy Director of the Kongtong District Government (right)

The 150MW solar plant is located in the Kongtong district, whose total investment is valued at approximately USD 93 million (RMB 600 million). The project is anticipated to see a total generation capacity of 152.57million kWh for the first year after its activation, with an estimated annual revenue of USD 7.8 million (RMB 50.18 million) on average for 25 years.

Solar PV will be integrated with the agriculture and forestry sectors for this large-scale project, delivering multiple social and economic benefits. The project is forecasted to boost up local employment levels by creating local jobs for up to 1000 professionals. It is predicted that over 60,000 tons of coals will be saved annually upon its completion, which is equivalent to the effective reduction of approximately 90, 000 tons of CO2. This means significantly reduced amount of emission of gases and waste into the atmosphere every year.

Clenergy has invested in cutting-edge equipment and testing devices, allowing for automatic and streamlined manufacturing processes. We also have stringent quality control measures  and control procedures from raw materials to finished products to ensure optimum structural strength and a longer service of product life.

Xiaolin Zhao, Deputy Secretary of the Kongtong District Committee and Director of the Kongtong District Government, who visited Clenergy headquarters along with other government officials prior to the signing ceremony, stated: “We are pleased to cooperate with Clenergy, a world-leading renewable energy company. We choose Clenergy mainly because of reputation & quality the company has over other players when it comes to large utility-scale solar plant development, large-scale manufacturing capacity, a stable supply chain, and a premium brand.”

Government Officials from Kongtong District visited Clenergy headquarters in Xiamen, China

“Both our brands share the common vision towards a greener world. We will work together to harness natural resources in a more scientific and sustainable way, including solar energy, agriculture, and forestry. This, in turn, is beneficial to the local economic growth and overall environmental protection,” Xiaoling Zhao added.

Daniel Hong, CEO at Clenergy welcomed the agreement as another big step toward Chinese carbon-neutrality: “To achieve carbon-neutrality by 2060 is an ambitious goal China is striving for at the stage, this is one of many steps towards that vision. This Venture is also in line with Clenergy’s strong commitment to a carbon-neutral world. The innovative integration of Solar PV + Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, etc. can be showcased and replicated in neighbouring districts and even provinces.”

William Cao, Vice General Manager at Clenergy said: “We are honoured to join forces with the local government to boost the deployment of renewable energies across the Kongtong district. We hope green electricity is accessible to every household at a lower cost and that enterprises nationwide can depend more on renewable energy and other alternative sources, with reduced energy consumption and operational costs”.

Since its incorporation, Clenergy has been fulfilling its mission to transform the global energy mix for a carbon-neutral world through our various technologies. We have seen 12GW of cumulative installed capacity by the end of 2020, with more than 10,000 solar plants worldwide to date.

With extensive experience in numerous global projects, Clenergy remains committed to delivering first-class solutions for solar power stations and ensures eco-friendly and cost-effective power for the world through minimized costs and maximized efficiency. In the upcoming years, we will continue to join hands with strategic partners to accelerate the ongoing de-carbonization, through our pipeline with smart solar PV and smart energy solutions.

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