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Clenergy TeamArrow Hits the Road as Fastest Challenger Car in 2015

Clenergy TeamArrow Hits the Road as Fastest Challenger Car in 2015

Wednesday October 21, 2015 at 11:00 pm

Clenergy TeamArrow secured the best lap time at the 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

The 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge – a biannual solar powered car race from Darwin to Adelaide – is well underway this week after thorough preparations on Saturday. A pre-qualifying process involving a static scrutineering and much anticipated laps around Darwin’s Hidden Valley racecourse revealed the Arrow1 GT as the fastest challenger class solar vehicle for 2015.

Clenergy TeamArrow secured the best lap time with the Arrow1-GT at 1:54:6441 and an average speed of 90kph, shaving 6 seconds from the team’s best 2013 time and defending its pole position.

At last month’s revealing of the Clenergy TeamArrow sponsorship at Brisbane University QUT, Team Manager Anthony Prior said that an independent team structure means they can bring the best talent in Queensland to work on the project. By partnering with industry, QUT and members from other QLD universities, the team has developed key features to improve strategy plus aerodynamic and telemetry performance.

“Our ability to perform among some of the best in the world is a combination of Aussie ingenuity and experience. We’ve found ways to do more with less and excel on 1/10th of the big team budgets,” he said. “This year we aim to finish in the top 5 and cement our reputation as the fastest car by breaking the 2 minute lap barrier.”

Leaving Darwin on Sunday, the race is headed for Adelaide via Alice Springs trekking the 3,021km on only 5kWh of stored energy and energy sourced from the sun or kinetically from the vehicle.

You can track the race by GPS here, and view more about the race by video:

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Clenergy’s sponsorship of TeamArrow is indicative of its commitment to reduce greenhouse gasses through sustainable transportation, innovation, team spirit and local support.

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