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EzTracker D by PV-ezRack Horizontal Single-axis Tracker IEC62817 TUV Certificate

EzTracker D by PV-ezRack® Achieves IEC 62817 Certification

Wednesday January 27, 2021 at 12:34 pm

EzTracker D which is a horizontal single axis solar tracker has achieved an amazing milestone by achieving the IEC 62817 Photovoltaic Systems – Design qualification of Solar Trackers certification by TÜV SÜD.

IEC 62817 is acknowledged globally as a comprehensive and authoritative international design qualification standard, applicable to solar trackers for solar PV systems. The standard specifies that the design requirements, testing methods, and assessment criteria are compliant in terms of structural strength, tracking accuracy, reliability, durability, etc. with respect to solar trackers.

IEC 62817 exercises various tests during the process, to validate the complete solar tracking system, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Functional Test
  • Accelerated Circulation Test for Driver
  • Accelerated Aging Test for Driver: Dustproof & Waterproof Test, Temperature Circulation Test, Humidity Circulation Test & High and Temperature Start Test
  • Low Temperature Storage Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • UV Test
  • Deformation Test under Static Load
  • Anti-torque Test
  • Mechanical Sliding Test
  • Recoil Test
  • IP Level Test for Control Box
  • Transport Vibration and Shock Test for Control Box
  • Control Box: Temperature Circulation, Humidity Circulation, High Temperature, and High Humidity Tests.

With the list above, the EzTracker D series was subjected to the multiple tests carried out by TÜV SÜD, with the temperature and tracking angle ranging from -30°C to +60°C and 60° to +60° respectively. With Clenergy’s enhanced internal quality control processes & laboratory tests, the EzTracker D series successfully passed the TUV SUD certification in its first attempt.

William Cao, General Manager of Tracker Product Division at Clenergy said: “This certificate means a lot to Clenergy, testifying to our extensive R&D capabilities. The certification also acknowledges our product durability and reliability. This is in line with our commitment to providing our clients with high-quality and great value products and solutions.”

EzTracker D series horizontal single-axis tracker is currently available in two models, EzTracker D1P (One Portrait Horizontal Single Axis Solar Tracker) and EzTracker D2P (2 x Portrait Horizontal Single Axis Solar Tracker). Both products feature exceptional stability, high reliability, and modular design for easy maintenance. EzTracker D series has been selected for commercial & utility-scale PV projects as it achieves an excellent ROI.

The solar tracker market is segmented into single-axis trackers and dual-axis trackers. Based on the latest global market research report, single-axis trackers account for a larger market share when compared to dual-axis trackers, as they feature lower land requirements, less complex technology, lower O&M costs, with maximized energy output.

“Considering the declining cost of solar energy and growing investments in the renewable energy sector, we are going to join hands with more research institutions and strategic partners. We hope to achieve lower LCOE and continue to push the limits for greater ROI for our stakeholders by innovating our tracking technologies, with higher output, and greater performance.” William Cao added.

As the Top 5 Smart Tracking System Enterprises within China, Clenergy has seen worldwide installations of its EzTracker D series solar trackers. Apart from the IEC 62817 certification, EzTracker D series products also comply with many other globally accredited standards, including GBT29320-2012, GB 50009, ASCE 7-05, and ASCE 7-10.


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