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Clenergy TeamArrow for the 2015 World Solar Challenge

Global Provider Backs QLD Solar Vehicle Team in World Solar Challenge

Wednesday July 29, 2015 at 12:03 pm

Globally renowned solar solutions provider, Clenergy, has confirmed its role as the main sponsor of Australia’s premier solar racing team for the 2015 World Solar Challenge. The Queensland team, officially named Clenergy TeamArrow, is set to be a strong contender for this year’s solar vehicle race.

Clenergy TeamArrow is a collaboration of highly skilled and dedicated technology experts, engineers, technicians, designers and mechanics, all with a passion to create a cleaner future. TeamArrow was ranked the highest Australian finisher in the last World Solar Challenge and won the mechanical design award at the recent Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge.

The two year sponsorship is indicative of Clenergy’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gasses and make the world a cleaner and safer place for future generations through sustainable transportation, innovation, team spirit and local support.

The biennial World Solar Challenge has attracted teams from around the globe since 1987. Cars must trek the 3,021km from Darwin to Adelaide across Australia’s outback using only 5kW hours of stored energy with all other energy sourced from the sun or kinetic energy from the vehicle. In a competition designed to promote research on solar-powered cars, Clenergy TeamArrow is determined to show the world what can be done with home grown expertise and local support.

In strong alignment with this vision, Clenergy’s VP of International Sales and Marketing, Mario Guzzi, believes a small incremental change from many local and global citizens can result in large emission reductions overall.

“Electric vehicles charged with clean renewable energy are at the forefront of sustainable transport solutions,” he said. “Significant carbon emission reduction is only achievable when everybody contributes”.

Clenergy TeamArrow’s preparations are well underway for the 2015 World Solar Challenge car race with the newly designed solar car soon to be revealed. Stay up to date with the latest images, insights and announcements.

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