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Ratu Meli and Yasawa North High School Students 2019

How Clenergy Mounting Systems Have Transformed Education in Fiji

Tuesday April 23, 2019 at 5:10 pm

Thanks to continuous support and dedication to remote island projects by Clenergy and other companies, a generation of children and teachers in the Pacific are now able to gain access to modern education with carbon-free electricity. So far in Fiji, an island country with limited power supply, 20 schools have been installed with solar systems and over 250 schools are expected to be installed in the future. Last year, 3 new projects totaling 11, 360W were installed in Rabi, Tabiang, and Ucunivatu primary schools with the support of Clenergy, while this year we will see substantial progress made at Ratu Meli Primary and Yasawa North High Schools. We take a great deal of pride in the accomplishments that these schools have gained.

The solar power generating systems installed in schools enable non-stop delivery of power, day and night, leading to less dependence on fuel generators and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, whilst also allowing for the contribution of more resources to the educational sector. We are also grateful for the various actions taken by the schools in return, such as a commitment to the collection of daily battery charge data, monthly collections of plastics along remote beaches helping to reduce the amount of unbiodegradable material flowing into the ocean, and also for participation in educational activities related to renewable energy, just to name a few.

Apart from our adherence to the ideology of Innovation, Quality, and Service, Clenergy, since its establishment, has also embraced the ideals of social responsibility. We have been supporting the Its Time Foundation as a premium equipment sponsor since 2010 by donating solar power generating systems to island schools, endeavoring to assist them in the transformation from using polluting and unreliable energy sources, such as diesel fuels, into using more eco-friendly, reliable and cost-effective solar power.

In light of the harsh environmental conditions of the remote Pacific island schools, Clenergy provides high-quality PV-ezRack solar mounting systems that are characterized by wind-resistance, anti-corrosion and long service life, ranging from Clenergy ST III and Clenergy ST II ground mounting systems, to Clenergy roof mounting systems. By means of connection to additional mounting components and easy application of more panels, our ground mounting systems enable simple expansion of solar arrays whilst at the same time addressing the issue of a necessity to attach to old roof structures. This ensures that our systems can withstand and accommodate the severe island conditions. Click here for the projects we have taken part in to date.

The Its Time Foundation is only one of the numerous organizations we have been sponsoring. Moving forward, Clenergy will continue with its ongoing commitment to the Its Time Foundation and strive to deliver more renewable and sustainable energy systems across the globe. We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage others to participate in remote island projects. Through concerted effort, we can make a great difference by delivering numerous benefits to generations of children and teachers and significantly transform education throughout the Pacific and beyond, and make the world a clean, green and safe place to live in for decades to come.


About Its Time Foundation
The Its Time Foundation was founded by Rob Edwards in 2007. It works to provide renewable power solutions for remote island schools in the Pacific, where there is a shortage of electricity supply or heavy dependence on diesel generators which are not eco-friendly and yet expensive. The Its Time Foundation are devoted to the reduction of carbon emissions and the transformation of education in these disadvantaged island schools. Learn more here.