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Clenergy & Leitu (Shanghai) Energy Company Ltd Opening Ceremony

New Clenergy Subsidiaries to Strengthen Strategic Deployment

Friday September 15, 2017 at 9:13 pm

Three subsidiaries were established to bolster Clenergy strategic presence worldwide.

Clenergy proudly announces its establishment of three subsidiaries to bolster its strategic presence worldwide – Clenergy Global Projects GmbH, Clenergy & Leitu (Shanghai) Energy Company Ltd. and West China Clenergy Energy Company Ltd.

Clenergy Global Projects GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary focusing primarily on development and investments in clean energies such as solar and wind. It is managed by a core team of industry experts coming from leading renewable energy firms, who are equipped with vast experience in project development, management, and financing. With offices in Germany, Clenergy Global Projects GmbH is positioned with in the heart of Europe’s business development hub, giving it added reach into the rest of the global market. The establishment of Clenergy Global Projects GmbH permits agile responses to global business opportunities, further enhancing the overall profitability and international competitiveness of Clenergy worldwide.

Drawing from its wealth of industry experience, Clenergy took advantage of financing platforms in capital markets. Together with Leitu Equity Investment Company Ltd., the Clenergy & Leitu Energy Company Ltd. was formed in order to promote solar power station development and clean energy investments in Eastern China. Based in Shanghai, the Clenergy & Leitu Energy Company cooperate with partners in Eastern China and other regions of the country in multiple aspects, such as distributed solar power generation, regional distributed smart grids, and wind power.

In order to better serve clients and partners in West China, Clenergy seized the opportunity to forge a strategic cooperation with a local firm, the Qingming (Xi’an) New Energy Company Ltd. This gave birth to a subsidiary in Xi’an– the West China Clenergy Energy Company Ltd. With complementary advantages and integrated resources, this strong partnership marks a new stage for solar & wind power developments in China.

“For both sides, this joint venture subsidiary serves as a fresh starting point in a new journey, which will not only deepen and expand cooperation, but also speed up our responses to market demand. We can and will ensure that our clients and partners receive more professional services, and greater value. This is definitely a win-win relationship for all parties.” Daniel Hong, Clenergy’ s CEO, said.

Currently, Clenergy has three domestic branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Xi’an with two factories in Xiamen and Tianjin. Overseas offices are set up in Australia, Germany, the UK, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. While Clenergy’s three main R&D teams are based in China, Australia and the UK, its cooperation network possesses a worldwide span. Clenergy focuses on three major business lines– Clean Energy Investment, Solar Power Station Development & Construction, and Solar Power Station Ancillary Products. Guided by the core pillar principles of “Innovation, Quality and Service”, Clenergy actively grows its international presence, in order to promote clean energy around the globe and together with the whole industry, make the world a much cleaner and better place.