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ezShade 2.0_ Far North Queensland

PVezRack ezShade 2.0 Powers Vital Communications in Remote Australia, Showcasing Exceptional Versatility

Tuesday January 30, 2024 at 2:34 pm

FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND, Australia, 8 JANUARY 2024 – PVezRack by Clenergy is redefining the boundaries of traditional solar shade solutions with the remarkable installation of ezShade 2.0 at an off-grid communications site located in Far North Queensland. The unique project proves that ezShade 2.0 is a dynamic solution with diverse applications beyond its conventional use as a carport.

Featuring SunPower solar panels, Eltek inverters and PVezRack ezShade 2.0 from Clenergy, the innovative installation houses two dual-cycling gensets and a fuel pod, providing an unparalleled power source. But what sets this apart is its purpose of fueling an off-grid communications site, crucial for a leading mining company’s operation in the region.

The gensets channel energy to a battery bank composed of advanced Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) batteries by GenZ. This ingenious energy storage solution ensures autonomous power for crucial voice and data communications within the mining operations.

ezShade_Far North Queensland

The entire solution, including the installation of a 60-meter mast, was seamlessly executed by Radlink, a recognised leader across Australia in the field of technology integration, in under three months.

“We are thrilled to witness the success of this remarkable project. Our commitment to redefining possibilities in solar technology is exemplified in this dynamic application, showcasing the exceptional versatility of ezShade 2.0,” said Vince Mobilio, Vice President of Clenergy.

“This unique project, with its off-grid communications application, demonstrates the profound impact of solar innovation on essential operations and reflects our team’s dedication and expertise for a sustainable and connected future,” Mr Mobilio added.

As PVezRack celebrates this milestone with the successful ezShade installation, it signifies not just the immense potential and versatility of the solar shade solution but also a future where solar innovation transforms industries.

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About Far North Queensland
The northernmost part of the Australian state of Queensland, Far North Queensland is a tropical region stretching from Cairns to the Torres Strait. With the magnificent coral of the Great Barrier Reef off the coast and World Heritage-listed tropical rainforests on the land, the region is highly desirable for tourism and lifestyle. However, it is also subject to extreme weather events. Over the past few decades, there has been a significant increase in bushfires, flooding events, and some severe cyclones. For more detailed information, refer to Climate Change in the Far North Queensland Region.

About Clenergy
Established in Melbourne, Australia, and extending our presence with offices and factories across China, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Germany, Clenergy stands as an enabler for the public sector, enterprises, and governments in pursuit of sustainability and carbon neutrality solutions. Our commitment is grounded in a vision of a future powered by sustainable, clean energy. We persistently reinvent our approach, leveraging innovative technology and service, as we strive towards realising this mission.


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