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PVezRack ezShade Razor Powers Tesla Supercharger Site in Tsukuba City, Japan, Unveiling Next-Level Innovation

Friday January 19, 2024 at 10:56 pm

TSUKUBA CITY, Japan, 22 JANUARY 2024 – Clenergy, a global leader in renewable energy solutions, proudly announces the successful installation of PVezRack ezShade Razor at a Tesla Supercharger site in Tsukuba City, Japan. This cutting-edge solar carport, strategically located just 50 kilometers from central Tokyo, reinforces Clenergy’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Tesla ezShade Razor Japan

Featuring SunPower solar panels, SolarEdge inverters and PVezRack ezShade Razor from Clenergy, the innovative installation accommodates four superchargers with a maximum charging rate of 250kW. Strategically located adjacent to Shintoshi Central Street in the Shintoshi commercial district, the superchargers are available 24/7, equipped with high-speed charging capabilities that can add up to 275 kilometers of range in just 15 minutes.

Clenergy PVezRack ezShade Razor Solar Carport Project Tesla Japan 2
PVezRack ezShade Razor is a state-of-the-art solar parking solution designed to generate clean solar energy while providing shelter for both people and vehicles. Its main benefits include:

Parking Friendly: Designed with a single post configuration for ease of parking.
Waterproof: Equipped with special water guide rails and gutters to ensure protection against rain and snow.
High Safety Performance: Engineered with a focus on safety, featuring an easy installation process.

Clenergy PVezRack ezShade Razor Solar Carport Project Tesla Japan 12
“We are immensely proud to witness the success of this remarkable project. Our PVezRack ezShade Razor not only generates clean solar power but also serves as a shield for the superchargers, ensuring their longevity and efficiency, ” said Kuninori Ihara, General Manager of Clenergy Japan.

“The solar carport helps users save on petrol costs while embracing sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions. It exemplifies our commitment to innovation and sustainability, transforming how solar technology benefits Tesla drivers and industries alike.”

The installation video for “ezShade Razor at Tesla Super Charger Japan” is available below:

As Clenergy celebrate this successful installation of ezShade Razor, it not only highlights the tremendous potential and versatility of our solar shade solution but also signifies a future where solar innovation reshapes industries.

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