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Clenergy Ground-mount 40MW Agrivoltaic Project in China

Top 3 Benefits of Clenergy Agricultural Solar Mounting System

Thursday June 27, 2019 at 6:39 pm

Clenergy PV-ezRack SolarTerrace I is a ground mounting system designed for solar-agricultural projects. This system features a very flexible structural design.

Clenergy PV-ezRack SolarTerrace I has been widely incorporated into agricultural projects across different regions and countries, with project sizes varying from 15MW to 40 MW.

How Does it Work?
Together with the pre-fabricated Concrete Pile, the solar mounting system is lifted to a sufficient height above the ground to allow for the use of agricultural machines and ensuring ample sunlight for the growth of crops in the areas below. This, in turn, helps boost your ROI.

Clenergy Ground-mount 5MW Agrivoltaic Project in Thailand


Top 3 Benefits
Clenergy PV-ezRack SolarTerrace I is characterized by high cost-effectiveness, versatility, and great compatibility, with customized solutions available for your choice. It is perfect for your solar-agricultural projects.

High Cost-effectiveness
The mounting structure is manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel, offering a cost-effective system with excellent quality, corrosion resistance and durability.

Various solutions are available to cater to customer’s requirements in different regions.

Great Compatibility
Pre-assembled Clamps with modular design are compatible with all common PV Modules on the market.