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Xiamen Mayor Pei Jinjia Visits Clenergy Technology Park 01

Xiamen Mayor Pei Jinjia Visits Clenergy

Tuesday March 17, 2015 at 10:48 pm

The Xiamen Mayor Pei Jinjia and other government officials recently visited the Clenergy Technology Park. Mayor Pei viewed and learned the Clenergy’s facilities along with Clenergy VP Ming Wang, Vice General Manager Nick Sun and Vice General Manager Cheng Wang. The group stopped at the Clenergy Showroom, which showcases Clenergy’s work in clean energy investment, solar project services and key solar products like the PV-ezRack mounting systems and power electronics products.

Xiamen Mayor Pei Jinjia Visits Clenergy Technology Park 02


Clenergy VP Ming Wang highlighted the PV industry’s positive impact on pollution reduction and its long term social benefits. Mayor Pei also got introduced to Clenergy’s mission, its development in recent years and its future objectives. He expressed confidence in the future potential of clean energy, with particular enthusiasm for the application of distributed energy generation with photovoltaic. Furthermore he also expressed his hope that the industry and Clenergy will continue its fast pace development.

Xiamen Mayor Pei Jinjia Visits Clenergy Technology Park 03

“Mayor Pei’s visit to Clenergy was a great honor, the support of Xiamen’s municipal government for clean energy development shows valuable commitment for its citizens and for the industry” said Mr. Ming. “We’d like to thank Mr. Pei for his appreciated praise, input and suggestions about Clenergy’s development,” he added. “It’s was a real confirmation and encouragement for us for continuing our committed work in making a cleaner and safer tomorrow for future generations.”