Clenergy's EzTracker Showcased at the Desert Ecosystem PV Power Plant Construction Forum in Mongolia

The Second (2022) Desert Ecosystem Photovoltaic Power Station Construction Forum cum Shagehuang Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Observation Meeting was held on 17-19 September 2022 in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Clenergy Technology Co., Ltd. ("Clenergy Technology") participated in the event as a co-organiser. Lingqiang Li, Technical Manager of Clenergy Technology, was invited to deliver the keynote speech on "Promoting Photovoltaic Power Station Construction in the Desert Ecosystem with  EzTracker". "The increase in power generation has become an important indicator of the economic benefits of power plants. With the combination of two technologies - digital power plant design and EzTracker, Clenergy is able to improve the overall profitability of photovoltaic power plants effectively, offering a reliable and stable solution for sand control," said Mr Li.

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