Partnering for 10 years to give kids a modern education

Clenergy has partnered with the Its Time Foundation for the past 10 years to give kids a modern education. We're part of a program that funds renewable energy projects to give schools electricity in remote Pacific islands.

How do we do it?We have provided with monetary donations and our solar mounting equipment. Starting in 2021, a portion of the profits from sales of the Universal Kliplok Clamp will go towards the cause.

The Its Time Foundation has a partner program, making it easy for any sized business to get involved – on their terms. Business leaders are invited to see how you can apply for this unique and flexible Corporate Social Responsibility program. It’s more than changing kids’ lives, it’s a robust business strategy making an impact.

With your small monthly contribution, we together as an industry can make a huge difference together.

Vinaka vaka levu

The Clenergy Family

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