SolarTerrace Eco | Rokan, Indonesia

Clenergy is proud to be part of one of the largest Solar Power Plants (PLTS) construction projects in Indonesia. PVezRack SolarTerrace Eco is chosen for the solar PV project, which will occupy 28.16 hectares in three locations, namely Rumbai, Duri, and Dumai Camp, and is expected to produce 25 MW to support operational activities in WK Rokan (The Rokan Working Area).

  • Client: Pertamina Hulu Rokan
  • System Size: 25MW
  • Solar Mounting: SolarTerrace Eco by Clenergy - Ground Mounting System
  • Solar Panels: Sankelux
  • Inverters: Huawei
  • Solar Cables: JJ-LAPP
  • Installer: TML Energy

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