Increasing Solar Panel Sizes & Engineering Compliance

Welcome to ClenergyTraining Tech Talks, where we talk about the application, functional use, and standards of Solar Mounting Equipment - here is an in-depth look making sure your  Solar Installation is compliant and adheres to the Australian standards.

Speaker: Geza Anderson - Manager Engineering Services at Clenergy Australia

Webinar Host: Jinko Solar

Topic: N-TYPE and NEXT GENERATION - The Latest Technologies developed for Australia Rooftop Market

List of Contents:

1. Change in Solar Panel sizes 2. Standard Vs Project Specific Engineering 3. SolarRoof Tin and Tile Solutions 4. SolarRoof Tilt Solutions / Klip-Lok Clamps 5. ComT - The Solar New Tilt for Flat Tin Roof's 6. Ground Mount Solar Solutions 7. Generic Engineering Charts 8. Longer Solar Rail - Cutter Rail 9. Will longer rail become the standard?