Post Mount A Series | 1- 6 Modules

How to Install Video This is ground mount pole where you can latch on 1 to six 72-Cell or larger Solar Panels in a landscape or portrait configuration. Clenergy PV-ezRack PostMount 1-A/ 2-A / 3-A / 4-A / 6-A for XL Panels (up to 2100 x 1100 mm) is a #SolarGroundMount system suitable for large scale #CommercialUtility installations. It has been developed to fit large PV modules in the outdoors and uneven ground areas. It is compatible with the different regions via the angle adjustment (10°~60°). Using #HighQuality #Engineered components PostMount 4-A/6-A for XL Panels saves developers and installers, time and money when delivering large scale #SolarProjects.