Webinar – Solar Trackers Vs Fixed Tilt Ground Mount Solar

As projects are urbanising on larger and more challenging sites, the shift within project economics such as ROIs, geographic locations and land space are the key basis decisions behind the rise of single-axis solar tracker and fixed-tilt racking system. Therefore, key critical considerations for power production for optimum results during these challenging conditions will determine a fixed-tilt solution, or a hybrid tracker and fixed-tilt, might be the most advantageous way to go.

Join our expert 60-minutes panel discussion as solar markets expands, more projects are being developed on less ideal sites, hear from our experts as they delve further on the pros and cons which can assist with balance-of-system.


Jithesh Dev  | Head of Renewable Energy - GEC - GiaLai Electric Company

Head of Renewable Energy who has 21 years of experience with 13 years in the renewable energy industry. He has led and contributed to the development of over 900MW of solar and wind projects, including commercial and industrial roof tops, utility scale projects and on-shore /near-shore projects.

Warren Lee  | Head of Business Development - Jinko Solar

Mr. Warren Lee is Head of Business Development Jinko Solar for South East Asia. Jinko Solar having been established in 2006 and publicly listed on the NYSE in 2010 is a global leader in the solar industry and the world largest manufacturer by shipment volume. Before joining Jinko Solar, Warren was the Sales Manager for Thailand for Yingli Solar and was promoted to Sales Manager for South East Asia in 2015. Warren started his career in the finance industry having held posts in various banks in Singapore since 2004. Warren has over 10 years’ experience in portfolio management and financial advisory across Asia. Warren holds a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance.

Vincent Chan  | Head of International Sales - Clenergy

Over the past 16 years Vincent has had the pleasure to develop brands through strong relationships across the globe, exceptional project management skills and a dynamic perspective towards all things renewable. This has been achieved through essential strategic planning of sales campaigns via the age-old pillars of relentless trust, know-how, and tenacity.

Vincent and his team have helped Clenergy secure over 1GW of Solar Trackers, Ground-mount Fixed-tilt PV mountings and Rooftop PV mountings across the Asia Pacific region in his 3+ years with the company. He heads the International Sales at Clenergy, a Public-listed smart energy company, with an HQ in Xiamen, and origin roots from Australia, and additionally today offices across Japan, Singapore, Germany, Philippines and Thailand.

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