Webinar: Solar Trackers Vs Solar Ground Mount: Does One-Size-Fits-All Limit Your Production?

Webinar Clenergy
As projects are urbanising on larger and more challenging sites, the shift within project economics such as ROIs, geographic locations and land space are the key basis decisions behind the rise of single-axis tracking and fixed-tilt system. Therefore, key critical considerations for power production for optimum results during these challenging conditions will determine a fixed-tilt solution, or a hybrid tracker and fixed-tilt, might be the most advantageous way to go.

Join our expert 60-minutes webinar as solar markets expands, more projects are being developed on less ideal sites, hear from our experts as they delve further on the pros and cons which can assist with balance-of-system.

22nd April 2021 | Time: 2PM SGT – 1PM ICT


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