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Residential Energy Storage Solution

TNK PRO energy storage system provides you with an intelligent energy solution with multiple advantages in residential energy management. It gives you an easy way to access your stored energy and meets your various electricity needs.
TNK PRO energy storage system integrates the UPS function, which could ensure the power supply to essential household appliances in a blackout event.

TNK PRO is an all-in-one energy storage product including an inverter and a lithium battery. The solution could significantly improve the self-consumption rate. With the combined control of output power and discharge time, the TNK PRO system can effectively reduce the dependence on grid power. The power generated by the PV system in the daytime is supplied to the appliances in the house as a priority. The remaining energy will either be stored in the battery or fed back into the grid if there is excessive power out of charging the battery. When the grid power is not present or in an unstable situation, the TNK PRO system can also ensure the normal operation of the essential household appliances.

DC InputMax PV6900w
MPPT Strings1 + 1
MPPT Short Circ.18 A / 18 A
Startup Voltage130 V
Basic InfoRated Grid Voltage220 V / 230 V (Single Phase)
Dimensions (W*H*D)540*590*240mm (Inverter)
Dimensions (W*H*D)540*490*240mm (Battery per module 5.12kWh)
IP RatingIP65
Warranty10 Year

Product Details

Product Details

Key Benefits

Self-consumption mode

Solar system generation covers the electricity consumption during the daytime. The remaining energy generated could either be stored in batteries or fed back into the grid if there is excessive power out of charging the battery. The stored energy would be used in the nighttime. The TNK PRO system could ensure the normal operation of the essential household appliances during the blackout.

Backup power mode

The backup power mode ensures that the TNK PRO battery has sufficient battery power by keeping it in a charging state until it is fully charged. The stored energy will only be used in the blackout event to supply electricity to essential household appliances.

Custom mode

The custom mode can be used to set the power and time for charging and discharging to best fit your unique lifestyle. You can set up your plan based on your actual needs by following the instructions in the APP.



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