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SolarTerrace™ I

Galvanized Steel Solar Ground Mount Solution for Large-scale Projects


  • Economic ground-mounting system
  • Suitable for commercial and utility-scale installations
  • Foundations > Ground screw | Ramming | Concrete
  • Orientations > Portrait or Landscape
  • Compatibility > Framed & Frameless Modules

Built To Last

The PV-ezRack® SolarTerrace™ I uses hot-dip galvanized steel with an average thickness of 65 microns(ASTM A123 standard) ensures a robust, reliable and economic system.

Long life and outstanding performance are ensured by our strict quality control over the sourcing & treatments of the raw materials, product purchasing and production.

It is easy and convenient to install and compatible with most major PV panels on the market.

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Key Benefits
• Price Advantage

Thanks to low-cost hot-dip galvanized steel, a simple production process and batch production, the system offers a competitive price.

• Three Foundation Solutions

With the option of a concrete foundation, a ground screw or ramming, the system can be installed on even or uneven slopes, making it suitable for any soil type.

• Versatility

PV modules can be mounted in landscape as well as portrait orientation. With our full range of clamps, the mounting system can be compatible with framed or frameless module.

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