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PV-ezRack®/Fixed Tilt/SolarTerrace™ II-H

Large-scale Utility and Power Plant Ground Mount Solution

Engineered Single Column Piling

PV-ezRack®SolarTerarce II-H ground mount PV mounting system is ideal for large-scale installations for both commercial and power plants. This ground mount solution adopts the engineered single column piling installation method.

It consists of aluminum alloy track and steel support frame (hot-dip galvanized) for rugged durability. Long life and outstanding performance are ensured by our strict quality control over raw material, product purchasing and production.

Its unique design for quick installation makes sure the efficiency in assembly time that reduces both man-hours and labor cost.

Key Benefits

  • High-quality single column piling minimizes the number of piles per array
  • Suitable for even the toughest corrosive environments
  • Pre-engineered tilt angles ( 5° to 35° ) for a higher ground-coverage ratio
  • Ground clearance of 800mm to 1, 000mm minimizes vegetation shading issues

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Key Benefits
• Fast and Simple Installation

High-quality single column piling minimizes the number of piles needed per array. Innovative easy-click rail fixing attachments and the omega-shaped nut enable quick and easy installation. Rails can be easily slid in both directions for proper alignment.

• High Quality Engineered Structure

SolarTerrace II-H is durable even in harsh environments . It is designed to accommodate a project's unique wind and snow factors as well as site conditions such as slope. Anodized aluminum and hot-dip galvanized steel parts make it suitable for even the toughest corrosive environments. Pre-engineered tilt angles ( 5° to 35° ) facilitate a higher ground-coverage ratio based on site-specific conditions. Ground clearance of 800mm to 1 , 000mm minimizes vegetation shading issues. Easy site maintenance reduces O & M costs. The system features integrated grounding through WEEB Clips. The SolarTerrace II-H system is a universal structure that is compatible with the frames of most major brands on the market.

• Strict Quality Control

Strict Quality Control Clenergy conducts strict quality management and control of its raw materials as well as its purchasing and production processes to guarantee the structural integrity and service life of its manufactured systems.

• 12-year Quality Warranty

Clenergy provides a quality warranty period of 12 years for its products.

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