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PV-ezRack®/Fixed Tilt/SolarTerrace™ V

Utility Scale Ground Mount Frame with a Efficiently Smart Design


PV-ezRack SolarTerrace V is developed for

  • Utility-scale PV-deployments
  • Panels in landscape orientation
  • Wide range of adjustability & easy deployment
  • Enables the implementation of large arrays.

Built to Last

Main aluminium components have a standard 10μm anodisation.

The SolarTerrace™ V is a simple and robust structure so it can be installed even with untrained labour forces.

All these features result in fast, easy and a cost-efficient installation.

Product details
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Key Benefits
• Post-head Adjustability

The smart design of the Post-head provides adjustments in all directions to balance out inaccuracies which often occur through the nature of the ramming process. These generous adjustments allow easier and quicker installation.

• Easy Deployment

The connection between the main beams (Clipped T-rail 160) and the Post-head is using special, spring supported rail clamps which easily slide and clip on to the bottom of the rail eliminating the often used and time consuming nut and bolt connection.

• Utility Optimised Large Arrays

SolarTerrace™ V is designed for utility scale applications and therefore offers large arrays, huge horizontal spans combined with up to 6 landscape panels (72 cells) in one row. Furthermore the design allows the panel rows to be pre-assembled to the rails off-site in controlled environment. All this saves valuable installation time on-site and increases efficiency during installation.

• Simplicity

Sometimes bill of materials can be confusing and complicated. Not with Clenergy, on a basic BOM for STV you will only find 8 components. Keeping it simple and transparent helps all parties to understand and work with the product better.

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