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Commercial Tilt with Ballast

Brand New Ballast System for tilted PV-module Installation on Flat Roof


The Clenergy PV-ezRack® Commercial Tilt™ is a universal and fast mounting system for PV installation on flat commercial roofs. With its flexible and scalable design, it enables perfect utilisation of roof surface available.
Available Tilt Angles
  • 10°

The Clenergy PV-ezRack® Commercial Tilt has a low ballast, which allows for facing,

  • North or South (single-sided)
  • East-West (double-sided)

without rails for PV installation in landscape orientation, which offers easy and fast PV installation on flat roofs.


Compared with the traditional south/north facing solution, the east-west facing solution provides a smooth supply of power during the day, starting earlier and finishing later, so that more or all of the power generated is consumed on-site.

With no shading between rows, up to 40% of extra modules can be installed. The unique fixing parts can be easily installed with simple tools in a short time.

With the Commercial Tilt system, the PV panels can generate their maximum output. The Ballast provides additional stability and strength to the structure.

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Key Benefits
• Easy and Quick Installation

Pre-assembled legs enable easy and fast installation | Patented Z-Module, the legs can easily click into the slot of rails at any given point.

• Optimised Energy Output

Legs can mount PV panels with width up to 1046mm, such as 72-cell or new half-cut cell panels | 2 x Tilt angles

• Two Optional Solutions

The solution using MT Rail in conjunction with T-Rails and Legs is specially developed for tin roofs with a large purlin span of up to 2m. And the other one using our popular L-feet, ECO Rails and new Legs offers flexible height adjustable range.

• Oreintations

Single side facing & East-West facing

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