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Non Penetrating Solar Mounting System for Flat Concrete Roof


Clenergy PV-ezRack® SolarMatrix™ is a solar mounting system for concrete roof’s with a tilt angles of:

  • 10°
  • 15°
  • 20°

And is suitable for a non-penetrating roof in medium wind load region where wind speed is within 40m/s.

Built To Last

The SolarMatrix™ is a reliable robust solar mounting system that gives installers an alternative to compromising the roof structure.

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Key Benefits
• No Roof Penetration

Using ballast trays with mostly concrete ballast blocks, SolarMatrix is held securely in place, without the need for roof penetration, ensuring that watertightness of the building remains intact.

• Maximum Roof Utilization Ratio

SolarMatrix allows maximum flexibility. Even the smallest roof section can be used for generating power and the modular design allows for each layout customization.

• Good Corrosion Resistance

The panels are mounted on stainless steel front and back legs, secured on the anodized aluminum base MT-Rails with our Diamond Modules.

• Quick and Easy Installation

A modular design and Diamond Module connection provide a quick, easy and safe installation method. Through its design, the Diamond Module safely clicks into its required position when turned inside of the MT-rail. They can be inserted into the rail at any given point, and secured with just three hand gripe.

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