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PV-ezRack®/Float Series/SolarFloating™ I

Solar Sail - The Solar Module Mounting System on Water


  • Solves the lack of land issue
  • Provides dual functionality of providing a base for solar and helps to reduce evaporation of the water body.
  • Reduces algae formation
  • Bifacial solar panels can source power reflected off the water on the back of the panels.
  • Water bodies, in general, provide a cooling effect which aids the Solar PV system to maintain generation efficiency.
  • Great for reservoirs, aquaculture, water bodies meant for agriculture etc

Built To Last

PV-ezRack® SolarFloating™ I is manufactured from high-density polyethylene(HDPE) and it is suitable for both frame and frameless PV-modules.

Primarily designed for floating applications, the system can also be used as a ballast system on the ground for flood-prone areas.

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Key Benefits
• Quick and Easy Installation

With humanized and modular design, the whole structure can be installed on site with few tools and no heavy equipment. The clearance between PV-module and water, up to 300mm, gives adequate installation space.

• Reduce the Cost of Package and Transportation

A PV-module is fixed by 4 dependent Support legs, which are also separate from the Main Floater. The fee for package and transportation can be saved by laying the Support legs into the inside circle of Main Floater.

• Versatility

PV-ezRack SolarFloatingⅠis used for frame PV-modules 60Cell and 72Cell in full size of thickness, and it is also compatible with frameless PV-module with a little alteration.

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