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SolarFloating™ II

Solar Raft - The next level in Solar Module Mounting System on Water


  • Compatibility: Framed and frameless PV modules
  • Effective solution for bifacial panels: Yes
  • Tilt Angles available: 10°, 15° and 20°
  • Available Orientations: East-West (double-sided) & either facing all north or all south (single-sided)
  • Ideal for: lakes, ponds, pollution treatment plants, aquaculture, dams etc
  • Finished installation can support a technician on the floats for any technical adjustments.

Built To Last

Thanks to the patented structure design, the system maximizes energy output and has performed well against strong winds.

Each of the floaters is a pressurised with a forced seal. Aiding the buoyancy of the device.

The combination of high-quality aluminium supports and HDPE floaters ensures a robust durable solution.

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Key Benefits
• Good Compatibility

The system is compatible with both framed and frameless PV module, and the tilt angle is available with 10 °, 15 °and 20 °, providing the optimum solution for different regions.

• Excellent Wind Resistance

With the patented design, the system is stable and robust, and acts like a netlike supporting base.

• Maximum Energy Output

The area underneath the PV module is open and allows reflected light onto the back of the module - Great for bifacia

• Easy Maintenance

The floating device can support a technicians walking onto the floating structure, make adjustments behind the panel and/or other parts. hanks to the patented structure design, the system is easy to install and maintain.

• Orientations

East-West (double-sided) & either facing all north or all south (single-sided)

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