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PV-ezRack®/Tracker Series/EzTracker D1P

One Portrait Horizontal Single-axis Tracker


  • Steep Slope Tolerance up to 20%
  • Maximum Durability
  • Flexibility of Land-use
  • Power Generation Increased by 15-30%*
*Compared to a Standard Fixed Tilt Tracker

Built To Last

Clenergy EzTracker D-series Tracking System implements distributed actuation architecture, enabling each row to be independently controlled by its own motor with the tracking method “Astronomical algorithm + closed-loop control”.

Astronomical algorithms are the algorithms used to calculate ephemerides, calendars, and positions (as in celestial navigation or satellite navigation), and a closed-loop control system, also known as a feedback control system is a control system which uses the concept of an open-loop system as its forward path but has one or more feedback loops (hence its name) or paths between its output and its input.

EzTracker D series features high stability with innovative double drive design with a self-calibrating system.

Compared with the fixed-tilt system, EzTracker D series can be expected to increase the power generation by up to 20% and enhance the power generation by 25%-30% if bifacial mono double glass modules are used.

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Key Benefits
• Higher Stability

Good resistance to aeroelastic phenomena

• Irregular Site Adaptability

Adaptable tolerance to North-South directions | No tolerance limits in E-W direction.

• Lower Construction Cost

Wireless communication | Self-powered supply option | Fewer piles in construction

• Easy Maintenance

Fewer potential failure points | Daily tracking calibration | No maintenance bearing

• Torsional Divergence

Reduced - More uptime

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